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Dr. S. R. Hajong




Name: Dr. S. R. Hajong

Designation: Assistant Professor

Specialization: Entomology (Insect Physiology)


Contact Information:

Department of Zoology,
North-Eastern Hill University
Shillong 793022,
Meghalaya, INDIA

Tel.: +91 364 272 2332 (work)



Academic Qualifications:




B. Sc. (Hons.)


North-Eastern Hill University, Shillong

M. Sc.



Ph. D.





  • CSIR (NET) Junior Research Fellowship 1994-1996.
  • CSIR ( NET) Senior Research Fellowship, 1996- 1999.


Major areas of research:

  • Diversity of Social Hymenopteran insects viz. Ants and Bees from Meghalaya .
  • Eco- physiological studies including changes in biochemical parameters associated with polymorphism and temporal polyethism in the bee Apis cerana indica (Fab.)
  • Histological and Ultrastructural studies on the changes in the structure and histology of the gut associated with instars and adult morphs of the worker bee Apis cerana indica  (Fab.)


Number of M.Phil/Ph.D produced: 4



Title of Thesis

Dr. Seydur Rahman 


Studies on certain biochemical parameters associated with polyethism and polymorphism in Apis cerana indica (Fab.)

Dr. Holdingstone Kharbani


Diversity and role of ant community in a forest ecosystem of Meghalaya                                           

Dr. Jane Wanry Shangpliang


Diversity and Ecology of Wild Silkmoths of Meghalaya, North-East India

Dr. Magdelene Kharbanger 



Studies on the  biology of thrips  (Thysanoptera) and their effects on the rice crops of Meghalaya’.  (As Co-supervisor)

Ms. Ibamelaker Thangkhiew


Ultrastructural changes of the gut in relation to its nutritional components during developmental phases of worker honeybee,Apis cerana indica (Fab.) (Hymenoptera:Apidae). (Thesis submitted) 

Ms. Silme D.Shira 


Diversity of butterflies of Balpakram National Park and Nokrek Biosphere Reserve of Meghalaya, North-east India. (Thesis submitted) 

Number of Ph. D. students working for the degree: 3


Title of Ph. D. Dissertation

Mr. Ebormi S. Lynshiang

Studies on the habitat of nest building arboreal ants and their defense strategies against selected entomopathogens

Mr. Rodeson Thangkiew 

Diversity,distribution and bioacoustics of cicadas (Hemiptera: Cicadoidea) in Meghalaya

Mr.Bankerdonbor  Kharbishnop

Studies on diversity and distribution of parasitic wasps of selected families of Chalcidoidea in Meghalaya


Major Research Projects completed/undertaken:

  • Co-Principal Investigator, BRNS Project: ‘Flora and Fauna of Kylleng Pynden Sohiong Mawthabah Uranium rich areas of West Khasi Hills, Meghalaya.



National: 19
International Peer reviewed journals: 08

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