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  1. Khongsti S., Lamare  F. A., Shunyub N. B., Ghosh S.,  Maitra A., Ghosh S. (2018) Whole genome DNA methylation profiling of oral cancer in ethnic population of Meghalaya, North East India reveals novel genes. Genomics, 110:112-123 (Impact factor: 2.910, 2017)
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  1. Srimoyee Ghosh , Kyoko Fujiwara , Jun Igarashi , Yui Shinojima , Hiroyuki   Kawashima, Evan Morien  and Hiroki Nagase. Global CpG island methylation screening identifies novel genes that are epigenetically altered in mouse skin cancer model. AACR Special Conference: Cancer Epigenetics. May 28-31, 2008. Boston, MA, USA.
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