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List of Publications:

  1. Hajong, S. R. and RaghuVarman, A. 1999: Occurrence of intermediate forms in the aphid Macrosiphumrosaeiformis (Homoptera: Aphididae) . Sci & Cul. 65(7-8): 259-260).
  2. Hajong, S. R. and RaghuVarman, A. 1997: Neurosecretory cells in the brain of the aphid Macrosiphum rosaeiformis (Homoptera: Aphididae). Ann. Entomol. 15(1) : 35-38.
  3. Hajong, S. R. and Raghu Varman, A., 2001: Effect of photoperiod on polymorphism and life cycle of the rose aphid, Macrosiphum rosaeiformis (Das) (Homoptera: Aphididae). J.Aphidology. 15 : 67-74.
  4. Hajong, S. R. and Raghu Varman, A. 2001 : A report on positive phototaxis exhibited by polymorphic forms of an aphid. J. Insect Behavior. 15 (2) : 285-289.
  5. Raghu Varman, A; Hajong, S. R. et al (2002) : Role of vitamin T (torutilin) in the differentiation of soldier caste in the termite Odontotermes distans (Holmgren). In Proc. XX Symp Reprod Biol Comp. Endocrinol. pp. 5-6.
  6. Raghu Varman, A.; Hajong, S. R.; Kharbuli. B.; Ao. B.; Renthlei C. Z.; and Kroeger, H. 2003: Induction of puffs in the polytene chromosomes of the salivary gland cells of the middle IV instar larvae of Chironomus kesiya by spermine, RNA-polymerase and cyclic-AMP. In the Proceedings of XXth Natl. Symp. Rep. Biology and Comp. Endo. (SRBCE), 283-29.
  7. Varman, A. R; Deb, M. K; Meyer-Rochow, V. B; Blum, M. S.; Sharan, R. N.; Kharbuli, B.; Hajong, S. R.; and Sentimenla. 1999: Fluorescent compounds in the eyes of some mammals in relation to fluorescence. Adv. Radiation Biol. & Peace (2): 85-89.

Books Chapters:

  1. H.Kharbani and S.R.Hajong : ‘Ant Fauna in a Forest Ecosystem of West Khasi Hills Meghalaya’, in ‘Species Extinction in Meghalaya’,  DVS Publishers, Gauhati. 2011.
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